Self-Assessment Maturity Model

Responsible Computing Self-Assessment

The Responsible Computing Self-Assessment is a systemic approach to the challenge of computing and a unique way to address the broad spectrum of areas to be considered. In particular, across six domains: Code, Data Center, Data Usage, Impact, Infrastructure, and Systems. The self-assessment may assess an organization’s readiness for sustainable practices within the ICT environment and across other business areas. Technology vendors can use the assessment internally or as a customer-facing assessment to establish a client’s needs.

The goals of this assessment are to:

  • Bring interest to the subject and explain what responsible computing is by asking questions and providing possible answers for all six domains of the responsible computing framework.
  • Help companies understand where they are now and what the next steps in their responsible computing journey could be.
  • Provide specific recommendations, directing organizations on where next to take their responsible computing journey.
  • To lay a foundation upon which future versions of the maturity assessment will be developed that will be more specific and intensive.

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