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Webinar: Regulating Generative AI

Responsible computing experts from IBM discuss the potential implications of emerging regulations, intellectual property concerns, and the role of AI ethics.
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Aligning Responsible Computing with the UN SDGs

This white paper defines how we are aligning Responsible Computing objectives with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals.

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Dark Data Origins, Impact and Transformation

Dark data takes up tremendous space in data centers, generating greenhouse gases. This white paper helps pave the way to decarbonization.

How to Spot the Waste in IT and Web Development

Webinar on-demand. Uncover the potential to save energy, reduce costs, and enhance user retention. Featuring experts from IBM.


The responsible computing self-assessment gauges your organization’s readiness for sustainable practices across your information and communications technology environment.


New Las Vegas Conference. Immerse yourself in the real-world innovations and emerging technologies that reflect how digital transformation is driving economic change.

June 12-14, 2024 | Las Vegas, Nevada

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Responsible Computing™ is a membership consortium that provides a framework for setting responsible corporate policies and practices. Through global collaborative partnerships in industry, our members apply and demonstrate responsible computing principles to restore trust in technology.

By becoming a member, you commit to making your organization a leader in responsible practices across the six responsible computing domains.

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Responsible Computing Framework

In the Responsible Computing framework, sustainable enterprises emerge to meet the environmental imperative. With Responsible Computing guidance, your organization will:

  • Integrate your digital transformation and environmental sustainability strategies and efforts.
  • Use emerging technologies as a catalyst for developing smart and innovative solutions to environmental challenges.
  • Transform business processes into green intelligent workflows.
  • Infuse environmental sustainability into your enterprise experiences and culture.
  • Become an enabler and facilitator of change.

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