The manifesto defines our values—
and commits our members to adhering
to these values

By signing this manifesto, our organization commits to adhering to responsible computing values.

We are shaping ways to apply responsible policy and share our experience with others.

  • Technologies and Innovations that drive positive impact for society at large
  • Inclusive Systems that address bias and discrimination driving equality for all
  • Data that is securely used in ways that drive transparency, fairness and respect for the users
  • Conscious Code choices that optimize environmental, social and economic impact over time
  • Efficient Use of available and future technology
  • Data Centers designed and operated with an emphasis on sustainability

The principles provide a set of cross-cutting beliefs that underpin our values.

  • Sustainability:  Holistically contributing to the success of the UN SDGs and or ESG concerns
  • Inclusivity:  Trustworthy, inclusive, respectful and ethical at every step—with the team engaged and those impacted by the outcomes
  • Circularity:  Consider full lifecycle, modularity, reusability and circular economy in eliminating waste
  • Openness:  Being transparent and open to share, consume and learn from the wider community
  • Authenticity:  Being genuine and true to the values and principles to which you have been committed, be trusted, unbiased and collaborative
  • Accountability:  Becoming a role model, doing what is right, driving decisions with positive impact through measurable goal-setting

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