Lana is responsible for the design and management of the OMG's sites which includes Digital Twin ConsortiumCISQDDS FoundationBPM+ Health, Industrial Internet Consortium, Responsible Computing, UMLCORBA and OMGSysML web sites. She also assists OMG's marketing department team with designing of logos, flyers, banners, and other marketing materials for web as well as for print. Svetlana received her diplomas in Graphic and Web Design from Clark's University, Cambridge MA, where she also finished Webmaster Program. She is the editorial and technical liaison for the OMG services available to members and non-members alike. Comments and suggestions on the OMG's web pages can be sent to lana@omg.org or webmaster@omg.org.

    Contact information:   Lana can be contacted  via email at  lana@omg.org