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    Launch of OMG’s responsible computing consortium

    May 11, 2022 | Written by: 

    May 10th 2022 marked a landmark achievement with the announcement of Object Management Group’s (OMG) creation of the responsible.computing() consortium with IBM and Dell as founding members.

    ‘While having kicked off responsible.computing() as an IBM Academy of Technology (AoT) initiative early 2020, it was obvious for us that this couldn’t be only within in IBM as it touched all industries, organisations and society equally,‘ said Marc Peters, IBM Distinguished Engineer and global initiative leader for responsible.computing().

    Although the initial idea of a responsible.computing() ladder rapidly turned into the now familiar hexagon diagram framework, the core principles and guiding questions have remained the same throughout the development and implementation.

    ‘I did not wake up one day and say it was the next big thing. By carefully listening to more than 100 CTOs and CIOs we captured concerns and anxieties expressed and ultimately determined this is something that we need and can address as a team.’ stated Rashik Parmar, IBM Fellow and the originator of the term and initial ideas.

    Over the past two years, hundreds of IBMers have collaborated and worked within the AoT on various aspects of responsible.computing(), starting with detailing the framework dimensions, validating initial ideas and concepts with the client council, and jointly developing the responsible.computing() manifesto. The manifesto – the first outcome and deliverable – includes the six values closely aligned to the framework dimensions and the principles address mainly cross–cutting themes. To make responsible.computing() even more compelling, the pathways have been defined. These pathways includes cross–cutting themes as possible entry points, as well as defining target audiences.

    While initial thought leadership and contributions came from IBM a validation and discussion with other organisations helped to further shape and challenge the thinking.  That’s where in early stages a client council was created bringing together likeminded people and organisations from financial services, telecommunications, energy, consultancy, startups and academia.  This group together with the AoT initative developed the manifesto for responsible.computing() a set of values and principles.

    Everyone is invited to sign the manifesto for responsible.computing() here – https://responsiblecomputing.net/manifesto/.

    The work around responsible.computing() is on-going. Activities will continue through the OMG consortium and tie closely with IBM’s AoT. Areas to further explore are in Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) as well as industry factors and individual aspects of the responsible.computing() framework like responsible.computing(Code).

    The launch and announcement on May 10th is an important milestone but not the end. Want to join, contribute and shape the future of responsible computing look for more details here – https://responsiblecomputing.net/